Christ Church & Church of The Redeemer

Nestled Along the St. Lawrence River

If you do not attend church, or if it has been a long time since you attended, or if you are of a different faith, you might be unsure about what it’s like in today’s church. Here is a guide to what you’ll find on Sunday morning.

You are Welcome Here

No matter what faith background you have, you are welcome to attend a church service at Christ Church and Redeemer. If you would like to just observe, we won’t mind. All Christians, regardless of denomination, are welcome to participate in the service – it is our faith and trust in Jesus Christ that binds us into community. If you are visiting the area and just want a place to worship for one or two Sundays, or if you are someone seeking a congregation to join, we would love to have you in our church.

If you’re not sure which service to attend, here are some questions that will help you:

  • Do you like quiet, reflective traditional worship?
    Try the Wednesday service
  • Do you like the bustling warmth of community life, music, or you have children?
    Try the 9am service at Redeemer in Rockport or 10:30 a.m. service at Christ Church in Gananoque
  • If you’re still not sure…come try them both!

Getting Ready

There is no dress code for church – you are welcome as you are.  Many people wear “business casual”, but our parishioners are a diverse group in terms of what they wear.

Arriving at Church

It’s best if you can arrive about ten minutes before the service. Greeters can guide you if you are unsure about anything, and there are always a few empty seats toward the back for those who may feel bashful.

Order of Service

We start off with some morning announcements, before launching into the service itself which traditionally runs like this:

  • First are the teachings from the Bible, which includes prayers, and two or three readings from the Bible.
  • Next comes the sermon. Usually the priest expands on the themes and ideas from the readings.
  • Then we have the prayers of  the people, in which a prayer leader guides the congregation in praying for those in our own parish and for those around the world who are suffering, struggling, or need strength. 
  • Next is a time of sharing the "peace of Christ" (often given by handshakes)
  • Finally, there is the sacrament of communion, or Eucharist, when we come forward to the altar to take part in the holy meal of bread and wine. (Note: on the 4th Sunday of the Month the 10:30 service is a Service of the Word led by a team of Lay Readers; this service does not include the Eucharist)
  • The service concludes with a call to go forth to serve God in our own lives.

Understanding the Service

The Anglican church service can be confusing for a newcomer to follow.

At the 10:30 am service in Gananoque, the words to the service, including the parts the congregation has to say, as well as the music, are projected onto a screen. The overall order of service is printed in the bulletin, or program, that will be handed to you as you enter the sanctuary. The details of the service are printed in the green prayer book (Book of Alternative Services) found in the rack in the pew in front of you and is used at the Wednesday services.

The hymns or music can be found in the blue book (Common Praise) found in the rack in the pew in front of you for the 10:30am service. As the flow of the service jumps about in the prayer book and into the hymn book at the 10:30am, it is easiest to just follow what’s on the screen. All services take a about one hour. 

The Communion

The high point of the service is the communion, where we come to the front of the church to eat and drink the wafer and the wine that represent Jesus’ body and blood. If you have been baptized in any Christian church you are welcome to partake in the sacrament of communion. If you do not want communion, you are welcome to come forward for a blessing from the priest – simply hold your arms over your chest - or you can remain in your seat and enjoy the music. Once a month there is a Service of the Word, which is run by the lay readers team and does not include communion.

The Collection Plate

If you are visiting our church, please do not feel obliged to put something in the collection plate – it is our privilege to welcome you as a guest. If you decide to join our congregation, you will have an opportunity to learn about options for contributing to the church at the time you receive a formal welcome. If you do decide to contribute, you can use an envelope in the back of the pew – we will send a tax receipt for donations of $20 or more just be sure to give us your address on the white envelope in the pew.

Fellowship and Coffee

Following the service on the 4th Sunday in Rockport, and after every 10:30 a.m. service in Gananoque, everyone is invited to gather to socialize, perhaps find a new friend or two, and enjoy some coffee and sweet treats. If you have seen anything that you are curious about, have any questions, or want to offer some comments, this is a great time to chat.